Tonkotsu Ramen Recipe (豚骨ラーメンの作り方)

Hello! In this post, I will show you how to make Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Bone Soup Ramen) from scratch. Tonkotsu ramen (豚骨ラーメン) originated in Fukuoka on the Kyushu island of Japan. The soup broth is based on pork bones and other ingredients, which are boiled for long hours, and served with ramen noodles that are hard in the center. It is the most popular type of Ramen in Japan as well as Japanese restaurants all over the world. There are many famous Japanese Ramen restaurants that uses mainly Tonkotsu Ramen like Ippudo, Ichiran, and Kaneda-ya.

In my recipe, the ramen broth is made with 100% Tonkotsu Soup (Pork Bone Soup) boiled for about 5 hours. This method of cooking the soup creates more concentrated taste as well as a thicker consistency. The ramen sauce (Tare) is made from mussels and adds umami and dimension. The hand-made ramen noodles were cut thinly, using lesser water content to let the noodles absorb the tonkotsu soup flavours. The main topping is Aburi Chashu (Seared Chashu), which adds smokiness and sweetness to the enjoyment of this ramen.

As always I did not use any MSG in my ramen recipe, however the ramen retains umami and was creamy, comforting and very enjoyable.

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How to make Tonkotsu Ramen

STEP 1 : CHASHU(チャーシュー)



1.Place pork belly in cooking pot.

2. Add 300ml of water.

3. Cooking sake 100ml.

4. Start stove at medium heat and bring to boil.

5. Remove scum and continue to boil for 10min.

6. Turn the meat and boil for another 10min.

7. Stop fire and cover the pot leave overnight in room temperature.

8. Next day, remove the oil that surfaced in the pot.

9. Add ginger 3pcs into pot.

10. Add koikuchi shoyu 70ml.

11. Add mirin 30ml.

12. Add sugar 2tbsp.

13. Start stove at medium fire.

14. Turn the meat to marinate evenly.

15. Sauce will become caramelized and meat becomes braised, with a sheen.

16. Cover the pot and continue to simmer.

17. Chashu is done.




1. Add 250ml of water into a pot.

2. Add mussels 200g into pot.

3. Boil at medium heat.

4. Continue to boil until only 150ml of water remains.

5. Strain the remaining dashi.

6. Add the dashi made from mussels into pot.

7. Add usukuchi shoyu 100ml.

8. Add koikuchi shoyu 30ml.

9. Add Thai fish sauce 20ml.

10. Add hon mirin 50ml.

11. Add cooking sake 30ml.

12. Add apple vinegar 20ml.

13. Add sake kasu 50g.

14. Add honey 1tbsp.

15. Add sea salt 10g.

16. Start stove and stir to mix.

17. When sauce is evenly mixed, continue to heat until sauce boils.

18. Stop fire and add kombu, store overnight in the refrigerator.

19. Ramen sauce is done.



  • PORK BONES 1.7kg
  • PORK LEG 2pcs
  • PORK FAT 1pc


1. Add pork bones into 2.8L of water in a large pot.

2. Add pork leg 2pcs.

3. Start stove at high heat and bring to boil.

4. Remove scum and continue boiling at high heat for 20min.

5. Switch to low fire and simmer 2hours.

6. Pour out about 90% of the soup into a separate pot and leave aside.

7. Add water until it is at the same level as before.

8. Add pork fat 1pc into pot. Start stove at high fire.

9. Continue boiling for 90min at high fire.

10. When pork is no longer covered in water, add more water.

11. Continue to boil.

12. The soup become milky and white in color.

13. Take about half of the soup from earlier on and add into the boiling pot.

14. Boil for about 30min.

15. Add the remaining half of the soup.

16. Boil for about 30min.

17. Add the remaining half of the soup.

18. Continue to boil about 40min, you can boil longer to get creamier soup.

19. Strain soup.

20. Soup is done.




1. Stir well to mix water 90ml and kansui 3g, salt 3g.

2. Slowly add ramen flour 300g and stir in the liquid mixture.

3. Put into ziplock, wait 40min and flatten with roller.

4. Cut into thin noodles, for tonkotsu ramen. It is best to use thin noodles.

5. Noodles are done.

STEP 5 : TOPPINGS(トッピング)




1. Cut spring onions.

2. Using a kitchen torch, scorch the sliced chashu.

3. Spring onions, sliced black fungus, menma, aburi chashu all done.



  • RAMEN SAUCE 30ml
  • NOODLES 130g
  • SOUP 300ml


1. Ramen sauce 30ml.

2. Boil noodles 130g for 1min.

3. Mix with sauce and soup 300ml.

4. Put noodles into soup.

5. Put on toppings.

Make your own ramen

If you’d like to make authentic ramen like this recipe, you can make your own with all the ingredients and cooking utensils!
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