Quick & Easy Japanese Shoyu Ramen Recipe (竹岡式インスパイアラーメンの作り方)

Shoyu Ramen

I decided to create a quick and easy home-made recipe which is simple to follow and will take less than 2 hours to complete.

This recipe is inspired by Takeoka-shiki Ramen, using dried noodles.

However instead of using water which is traditionally used as the base for soup, I created my own version of soup with shorter preparation time making use of the pork for chashu and niboshi to bring out the flavour for this Shoyu Ramen.

How to make Quick & Easy Japanese Shoyu Ramen


Ingredients :

  • Water 2.5L
  • Pork Cutlet (This is also for Chachu) 1kg
  • Kombu 1pc
  • Niboshi (Dried Fish) 40g
  • Fresh Garlic 4pc
  • Ginger (Few Slices)

Method :

1. Put 2.5L of water in a pot.

2. Combine all ingredients for Soup in a pot.

3. Boil slowly at medium to low heat.

4. Make sure to simmer at least 20min before water boils.

5. Remove scum when water start boiling.

6. Continue to simmer at low heat for 20min (make sure soup is not boiling, about 98°C).

7. Remove pork.

8. Remove kombu.

9. Pour soup through strainer.

10. Soup broth is done.

STEP 2 : Chashu

Ingredients :

Method :

1. Put 600ml of water in a pot.

2. Combine ingredients for chashu soup in a pot.

3. Medium heat (make sure mixture do no boil).

4. Put chashu into sauce.

5. Continue to simmer 20min.

6. Place a bowl to submerge pork to fully marinate.

7. Remove chashu from sauce and chashu is done.

8. Put chashu sauce through a strainer.

9. Add fish souce 50ml.

10. Ramen sauce (created from chashu sauce) is done.


Ingredients :

  • Pork lard 150g
  • Sliced Garlic 15g
  • Black pepper 15g

Method :

1. Put pork lard 150g and sliced garlic 15g into a pan.

2. Heat at slow fire.

3. Remove garlic when they turn golden brown and crispy.

4. Stop fire add black pepper 15g.

5. Wait a while for oil to cool.

6. Take oil through a strainer.

7. Garlic and pepper oil is done.


Ingredients :

  • Onion 2pc
  • Boiled spinach
  • Chashu from STEP 2
  • Fried garlic from STEP 3

Method :

1. Chopped onion 2pc.

2. Soak in water for 10min.

3. Boiled spinachi (refer to shoyu ramen recipe).

4. After removing roots, half the spinach.

5. Slice chashu thinly.

6. Thin slices to compliment the soup.


Ingredients :

  • Ramen sauce 50ml from STEP 1
  • Garlic 1.5tbsp
  • Pepper oil 1.5tbsp from STEP 3
  • Dried noodles
  • All toppings from STEP 4
  • Ajitama

Method :

1. Use boiling water to geat the ramen bowl and pour away.

2. Add ramen sauce 50ml.

3. Add garlic and pepper oil about 1.5 tbsp.

4. Reheat soup and boil water for noodles.

5. Boil dried noodles 2min (fresh/instant noodles can also be used).

6. Mix ramen sauce and soup.

7. Add noodles with ramen soup.

8. Put all topping.

9. Quick & Easy version of Shoyu Ramen is done!

Make your own ramen

If you’d like to make authentic ramen like this recipe, you can make your own with all the ingredients and cooking utensils!
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