Japanese Miso Ramen Recipe (味噌ラーメンの作り方)

Japanese Miso Ramen

In this recipe I will show you how to make my own original recipe of Japanese Miso Ramen from scratch, using all-natural ingredients, with no MSG added.

Miso Ramen is very flavourful and it is complimented with springy noodles to pick up the flavour when you are eating the ramen. I used Tonkotsu Fish Soup which is key to the soup recipe.

The preparation time is about 2−3 days as you will need some time for tonkotsu soup, making the noodle, and for the ajitama to marinate. If you wish to learn how to make ajitama (flavoured egg) please refer to my first video where I made Japanese Shoyu Ramen:
How to make Japanese Shoyu Ramen – Original Recipe – No MSG – 醬油ラーメンの作り方(レシピ)

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  • Koji Miso 300g
  • Shiro Miso 150g
  • Koikuchi Shoyu 200ml
  • Mirin 120ml
  • Sake 30ml
  • Niboshi powder 10g
  • Salt 10g-20g
  • Korean Chilli powder 10g
  • Sesame sauce 20g
  • Honey 30g
  • Apple Vinegar 20ml


1. First, combine all ingredients except Apple vinegar for Miso Tare Sauce in a pot.

2. Heat at medium fire. Stir regulalry to prevent sauce from being burnt.

3. Stop heat when all ingredients melted and there is steam. (Do not wait until sauce boils.)

4. Add Apple vinegar and mix.

STEP 2: Chashu


  • Miso Tare from STEP1 3.5 scoops(about 150g)
  • Sake 200ml
  • Honey 120g
  • Pork arm


1. Add Miso Tare from STEP 1 – 3.5 scoops (about 150g) in a pot.

2. Add Sake 200ml in a pot.

3. Boil at medium heat and mix.

4. Add honey 120g after mixture boils.

5. After mixture boil, chashu sauce is done.

6. Sprinkle the pork arm with salt.

7. Marinate pork arm in chashu sauce for 2 days in the refrigerator.

8. After 2 days, bake at 200°C for 15min.

9. Turn the meat and bake for 15 min more.

10. Put honey all over the pork.

11. Bake at 230°C for 5min.

STEP 3: Noodles


  • Hokkaido noodle flour 350g
  • Water 130ml
  • Salt 10g
  • Kansui 10g
  • Medium Sized Egg


1. Mix water, salt, eggs, and Kansui.

2. Slowly add mixture mix into flour and stir.

3. Wrap the mixture to prevent drying and let it stand for 30 min.

4. Knead flour into dough.

5. Wrap and wait 40 min.

6. Place into ziplock bag and press to flatten dough.

7. Fold the dough into a square.

8. Place into ziplock bag and press to flatten dough again.

9. Do the same steps at least 3 times so that dough become smooth.

10. Cut the dough.

11. Run the dough through pasta machine.

12. Sprinkle corn starch.

13. Cut the dough.

14. Sprinkle corn starch and squeeze to create wavy noodle.

15. Store in ziplock bag overnight at room temperature, followed by 2 nights in the refrigerator (aging precess).

STEP 4: Tonkotsu soup


  • Pork bone 2pieces
  • Pork fat 2pieces
  • Water 3L


1. 2 pork bone (pre-washed and boiled once) in water 3L, boil at high heat.

2. Top up water to same amount when pork bone is no longer fully in water.

3. Add 2 pieces of pork fat.

4. Top up water when pork bone is not fully in water.

5. Soup is starting to turn white but still need more boiling time.

6. Top up water again and continue to boil.

7. The soup has not fully emulsified yet.

8. Top up water again.

9. Soup is ready when fully emulsified (creamy and aromatic), boil until there is 2 litres remaining (1 litre per bone).

10. Strain the soup.

11. Basic Tonkotsu soup is finally done after about 8 hours of boiling, store in the refrigerator overnight.

STEP 5:Topping


  • Leek 1piece
  • Cabbage
  • Bean sprouts 30g
  • Minced pork 15g
  • Pork fat


1. Finely chop the leeks.

2. Soak in water for 10min.

3. Cut the cabbage into squares.

4. Also prepare bean sprouts, minced pork.

5. Add pork fat to cooking pan at high heat.

6. Add the ingredients and fry.

7. Off the stove when ingredients are almost cooked.

8. Slice chashu.

9. Other topping includes bamboo shoot, ajitama and fresh ginger (minced).

STEP 6: Tonkotsu soup


  • Dried fish 30g


1. Scoop tonkotsu soup from bottom (because the top is fat).

2. Simmer in pan at low heat.

3. Add dried fish (aji, katsuo, urume) into tonkotsu soup.

4. Simmer 20 min to boil before switching off the stove.

5. Sieve the tonkotsu fish soup.

STEP 7: Miso Ramen


  • Pork Fat 40ml
  • Miso Rare 2 tbsp
  • Tonkotsu Fish Soup 330ml


1. Put the lard in a frying pan and heat it up.

2. Put miso tare 2tbsp.

3. Mix and fry miso with pork fat to bring out the flavour.

4. Add fried cabbage, bean sprout and minced pork.

5. Add 330ml of tonkotsu fish soup.

6. Start to boil noodle.

7. Check for taste and add more miso depending on personal preference.

8. remove noodle after 2min (miso ramen should use slightly harder noodle).

9. Add chashu slices.

10. Add ginger at the top.

11. Add black pepeer.

Make your own ramen

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